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Stabilized soil mixing plant WCZ500


一、Parameters of WCZ series stabilized soil mixing plant:

Installed power110kW130kW150kW175kW205kW
Metering accuracy±1 %±1 %±1 %±1 %±1 %
Metering modeContinuousaccumulative metering
Aggregate hopper
(quantity optional)
4×10 m34×10 m34×10 m34×12 m34×12 m3
Filler silo
(quantity optional)
1×100 t1×100 t1×100 t1×100 t1×100 t
Water tank6m36m36m36m36m3
Mixing modeHorizontaltwin-shaft continuous (alternative double mixer continuous)
Mixer motor power45kW55kW75kW90kW110kW
Conveying belt width800mm1000mm1000mm1200mm1200mm
Storage hopper8m38m38m38m38m3
Discharging height3.5m3.5m3.5m3.5m3.5m
Power standard380V/50HZ380V/50HZ380V/50HZ380V/50HZ380V/50HZ
Covering area15m×45m15m×45m15m×50m16m×50m16m×55m

二、Characteristics :

  High productivity; Even stirring; High metering accuracy; High stability and durability

  1. The design of side big hopper makes material conveying,maintenance and observation more convenient.
  2. Batcher is equipped with electronic belt scale and skirt belt which makes running more steady and metering more precise.
  3. Lengthened mixer stirs more evenly. Two-level mixing mode is available.
  4. Modular design of the equipment makes easy installation, disassembly and transportation.

Stabilized soil mixing plant WCZ500

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