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Asphalt mixing plant LB1000


一、Parameters :

Production capacity (t/h)80120160200240320400
Cold    aggregate supply systemFeeder hopper (pcs)4455566
Hopper volume(m3)9999131313
Loading width(mm)3300330033003300360036003600
Drying systemDrying drum Ф×L(m)1.6x6.51.8x7.22.2x8.02.5x102.5x102.75x112.9x12
Driving power(kW)4x5.54x5.54x154x18.54x18.54x224x30
Burner capacity(MW)7111418202835
Fuel                  Diesel, heavy oil or gas
Mixing towerVibration modeDouble motor linear vibrationDouble shaft linear vibration
Screen driving power (kW)2x2.352x32x112x112x152x18.52x18.5
Screen layer4455566
Hot bin volume (m3)1313222270100100
Mixer capacity(kg/batch)1200170022002700320042505250
Mixer driving power(kW)37452x372x372x372x452x55
Filler supply systemStone powder silo volume(m3)20253535506060
Recycled powder silo volume(m3)10152020505050
Dust collection systemDust collection modePrimary gravity dust collection + secondary bag filter pulse cleaning
Filtering area(m2)42052862166089612001500
Bitumen supply systemBitumen tank    quantity x  volume(m3)1x 501x 502x 502x503x504x505x50
Hot oil furnace (×104kal/h)3030606080100120
Total power (kW)270310470510610740830
Covering area (m)40x3040x3045x3545x3553x3556x4058x45
OptionalEnd product underneath storage (m3)1313303040-12040-12060-150
End product side storage (m3)NullNull5050120120150

二、 Characteristics :
  High efficiency; Superior stability; Environment protection; Energy saving

  1. The equipment is modular design with compact structure. It is easy and convenient for installation, maintenance, disassembly and transportation.
  2. The unique difference correcting function and two-stage metering ensures measurement precision and bitumen-aggregate ratio precision.
  3. The drum loop is made of 30CrMo alloy steel by forging process. The hardness after heat treatment is over HB240. Service life is more than 15000 hours.
  4. Burner could use light oil, heavy oil or natural gas, which is disposed through low pressure atomization with high quality. The fuel consumption is less than 6.5kg per ton of asphalt mixture or 6.5 cubic meters per ton of asphalt mixture.
  5. The mode of vibration screen is double motor double shaft  (above LB2000 ) or dual vibration motor (under LB1500 ), with Sweden SKF special bearing or OLI-WOLONG vibration motor realizing free maintenance of vibration shaft and less work.
  6. The mixing space and mixing capacity is large. Mixing blade and lining board is made of Ni hard alloy with over 100000 batches service life.
  7. Bag filter is made of American DuPont NOMEX fiber with service life more than 10000 hours. Dust emission is less than 50mg/Nm3. The bag cage surface is disposed by heat resistant spray technique to avoid stickiness. 
  8. Electric control system is equipped with Siemens PLC、imported load cell、Siemens or Schneider electrical parts to ensure stability and reliability of the equipment.


Asphalt mixing plant LB1000

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