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Concrete mixing plant HLS120

Concrete mixing plant HLS120

一、Parameters of HLS series concrete batching plant:

Mixing motor2×18.5kW2×30kW2×37kW2×55kW
Mixing cycle60s60s60s60s
Mixer capacity1000L1500L2000L3000L
Discharging height4.0m4.0m4.2m4.2m
Discharging modeautomaticautomaticautomaticautomatic
Filler silo2×100t3×100t4×150t4×150t
Aggregate hopper4×4m34×15m34×20m34×20m3
Hoisting modeLong inclined belt
Aggregate metering accuracy±2%±2 %±2 %±2 %
Cement metering accuracy±1 %±1 %±1 %±1 %
Fly ash metering accuracy±1 %±1 %±1 %±1 %
Water metering accuracy±1 %±1 %±1 %±1 %
Additive metering accuracy±1 %±1 %±1 %±1 %
Mixing tower coveragecolor steel
Control cabinwith air conditioner
Control systemautomatic control
Power standard380V/50Hz380V/50Hz380V/50Hz380V/50Hz
Installed power110 kW155 kW206 kW284 kW

二、Characteristics :

  High productivity; Fast installation and disassembly; High reliability and safety; Low energy consumption and small land occupation

  1. The mixer is latest compulsory twin-shaft mixer, no manual cleaning, no material sticky.

  2. The equipment is modular design and highly industrialized, the installation and trial run is fast and convenient.

  3. The discharging hopper realizes quick unloading with anti-blocking design, the running is stable and reliable.

  4. The lifting hopper is equipped with new type of double rope anti-dropping device,the running is safe and reliable.

  5. The operation of control system is simple and easy to learn.

  6. The gathering hopper is durable with wear-resistant technique.

Concrete mixing plant HLS120

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